Comstock Day 11 – Meetings

The office was closed on Memorial Day which was nice, but Tuesday arrived with a fury. When I arrived at 9am, I was immediately ushered into this month’s Strategic Meeting. Once a month (on the last Tuesday it seems), the weekly staff meeting is replaced by the strategy meeting in which all of the major heads of the company (CEO, COO, Head of Sales, Head of Construction, Property Manager) get together to discuss the company strategy for the next month. With the company reforecast meetings looming in the distance, ¬†ost of this meeting was focused on compiling data for the starts, sales, and closings for the year to date, and adjusting the predicted number of starts, sales, and closings accordingly. They’ll use this data to better guide the company reforecast meetings towards a reachable end-of-year goal. Honestly, this meeting (which lasted three hours) could very easily have been a shared spreadsheet in which everyone would input and review the data need from their departments on their own time. We did not need nine people in a room for three hours just to plug in some numbers. On the other hand, the next meeting was far more interesting.

Apparently, Comstock had recently faced a cyber-attack on one of the company’s bank accounts. It turns out that the hackers were able to access the account through a virus installed on an employee’s computer who had access to the company account information. So the next meeting, which began right after the strategy meeting, was a meeting with a cybersecurity firm, Reliable IT, to discuss how Comstock could upgrade their cybersecurity to protect from another attack like this. Though by the time it was over I had more than met my hours for the day, this meeting was definitely worth sitting in on.

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