Actual Vomit

Today was my first day in A4, a toddler room. I miss the little babies from A2. The kids here are older and easier to take care of, but they also smell and their parents drop them off even when they’re sick (two of them have fevers!). Baby vomit isn’t that bad, its just spit-up breast milk that comes back up because the babies’ tummies haven’t quite learned how to digest yet, but toddler vomit is a different story. It’s real vomit that only comes up when they’ve got a stomach bug. So it wasn’t fun to see that someone had yacked on the floor this morning. In A2, there was always classical music playing but in here, they only play this one CD of a woman whine-singing the alphabet, numbers in English and Spanish, the months, the days of the week, and many more things that may be good for toddlers to hear but are making me want to rip my ears out of my head. The kids in here are on a different nap schedule and fall asleep at 11:30 or 12 and wake up around 1:30 or 2 which is good because I do nothing for 2 hours, but also bad because I do nothing for 2 hours. I’m ready to graduate. 

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