The Instal

Finished Dinning Room

Coffee Table

On Friday we did an instal at someone’s house. This meant we went to their house with accessories such as, rugs, art pieces, furniture, etc. and decided where to put them in the house and re-made certain rooms. We did the living room, dining room, sitting space, powder room, entryway, upstairs bathroom, and upstairs hallway.┬áThe whole day was really fun but a lot of work. It was a lot of “Bridget could you get me this” and “Bridget can you bring this upstairs”, which meant a lot of going up and down the stairs and running out to grab something and bring it to Kate to see if it was the kind of thing she was looking for. Kate didn’t always have an exact thing in mind when she would ask me to grab something, but rather a general idea of something that needed to fill/be added to the space in question. Overall, the day was really interesting and a great learning experience of what interior design is like.

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