“For the love of High School Musical please practice”

The last words uttered by Dr. Cameron, the director, over the microphone as her herd of pre-teens inhale pizza after a 5 hour rehearsal. I am sitting in the last 15 minutes of rehearsal for the day after we just finished our first run through!! Not going to lie, it was rough but I have complete faith that this show will be awesome by next Friday when they are set to perform. Being on the other side of things has been fun since I have always been either onstage or backstage. However for this show I have been front and center, taking notes, putting on mics, and frequently yelling “SMILE” to the cast during songs. We have 3 rehearsals left until the show, so it’s going to be tight getting everything perfect, but it’s doable. I’m am definitely looking forward to this long weekend after so much time with 50 middle schoolers that have endless amounts of energy.

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