Week One Recap

 Today was my first day working with my uncle and we went to the San Fernando Valley to see a metro bus wash that was having difficulty with water consumption and leaks with their equipment. Since it was my first day today I was just hoping to learn anything new about the function of the machines in the car washes and how they operate as a whole. I did learn about infrared machines that signal when a bus is coming through and tell certain machines to start working to help clean the bus and the same thing happens when the bus is at the end, it will pass through an infrared sensor to let the dryers know that the bus is done getting washed so it’s time to turn on and dries the vehicle. This station was having a hard time calculating the number of gallons used per bus and since we are in a drought they want to conserve the water and see if a bus that takes 50 gallons of water only uses 50 because if it’s using 70 there is a leak. They have sensors like I said before that tell you the number of buses that have been in the wash and they have a machines that tells you how much gallons they have used so with this they hope to calculate the number of gallons per bus, but sometimes buses go one after another and don’t wait for the sensor to reset so then the machine thinks it is one big bus and this messes up their calculations. This is the problem they are trying to solve, to account for every bus individually. I had an idea of putting a bar code sticker on each bus and then having a sensor read the sticker and then it would calculate the water use and the time on that bus and when another bus comes it reads the sticker again and sees that it’s a new bus and not a big one and repeat the process.


 My second was a bit slower and that is only because I spent more time in the office. Today we started off by inputting numbers and a type of wash into the computer to program it for a car wash in San Diego. So basically there are 865 customers and each customer gets a number and they also select a wash, whether it is a touch-less or soft-touch wash and what we do is input the number and what wash they want. So we started doing that when my uncle got a call from the car wash we went to yesterday. We went there to fix a sensor that when the buses go through it starts and stops the last rinse and they needed us to lower it because they also wash their cars there and the sensors were to high for them to wash their cars too so it did not read it and didn’t know when to shut off. So we then lowered the first two on the left side and then angled the right sided ones downward to meet the left sided ones which were lower and angled up. We then went back to the office to input the rest of the numbers.


My last day of the week started bright and early at 7am and first thing on the agenda was to go to the office and check the numbers to make sure we did every one correctly. After checking we headed over to the Torrance Transit car wash to fix the solenoid valve that was turning off when it was supposed to. After 4 hours there and many tries to fix it we ended up noting that it wasn’t working because of a plc that was busted so the commands of the program weren’t being transferred correctly so it wasn’t shutting off. We took a picture of the problem so that we could order a new one to try to replace it with.

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