Week 2

It’s the second week of Senior Projects and my mentor isn’t in the office today. It’s a little harder coming up with ways I could help out around here on my own, but at least I can play music while I’m working.

Today, I’ve continued going through the mass of old, dusty Intellivision/Atari/Apple II/etc. game boxes, figuring out which are missing components, and organizing them. I’ve also started on cleaning up the mess of bins and boxes of files, photos, books, and basically anything imaginable in the back of the office. I’ve gradually made my way from the front to the back, cleaning and organizing as I go. There is a TON of cool stuff I bet my mentor didn’t even know he had.

I might try to clear off my mentor’s desk, which is not at all visible under various envelopes, papers, etc. However, I know if someone did that to my (equally messy) desk, I would have no idea where anything would be anymore. So I need to double check with him first. I’m excited to go home and read “Ready Player One,” a very interesting adventure book my mentor recommended me.

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