Pinterest, Endless Pinterest

Today Kate had me organize the company Pinterest¬†account. I was re-naming boards, moving pins, creating and deleting boards, and uploading photos. I enjoy organizing things to an extent, but after a while it got very tedious. The worst part was uploading the photos because I had to upload each photo separately, and there were 4 houses KLI has worked on and with each house there were about 10 – 30 pictures that needed to be uploaded. It was not the most fun experience and with every click of my mouse a little bit of my soul died. But once the Pinterest project was done, my desk work of the day had been completed. I then went on to paint wood samples because Kate was trying to color match wallpaper to paint colors for a current project. I also stained wood samples for a headboard Kate wants to stain, she wanted a “warm brown”. I also almost had the prized intern job of getting coffee for my co-workers but the task¬†was oh so sadly given to someone else.

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