First Day

I walked into the CBRE office in El Segundo on Monday the 15th at 8:30 a.m. on the spot. I proceeded to wait until 9:00, when I was finally accompanied by a nice woman named Paris. She gave me a tour of the building and gave me a computer with a post it note on it that said “Mike”. I knew this was my computer. After receiving the silver Hp Elite Book, I was sent to a conference room where a meeting was taking place. It was a bit intimidating, but I learned that these long and confusing meetings were only once a week on Monday mornings.

After this meeting, I began to speak to some younger employees about college and the business of real estate, which really helped me ease into the work environment in a smoother fashion. I began work immediately after these conversations. Hours and hours of computer work consumed my day, such as pulling information and filling out excel sheets and doing void analysis.

In between all of my computer work I was able to go get a delicious pork sandwich from Bristol Farms at around 12 oclock. It was fantastic because I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. B by chance and having lunch with him. Overall it was a cool first day.

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