B-Craig to the Rescue


We are officially in what would be considered tech week of the show which means not only are we (and by we I mean the kids as I videotape like a crazy stage mom) practicing on the stage but Brendan Craig has joined tech crew. Now if you thought Brendan was famed at Vistamar, you should see him at WNS. For the entire 3 hour rehearsal he had his duo – Nina and Alex – following him around. As Brendan rolled his eyes for probably the 15th time, you could see the little glimmer in the eyes of these two girls as if they were talking to a celebrity. It was adorable. Of course Brendan pretended to be annoyed.

Anyways, being in a middle school rehearsal is much different than rehearsals at Vistamar. For one, there’s a lot less yelling. Which is good because no one likes to be yelled at, but on the other hand, a¬†little fear helps the creative process move right along. Also, you never realize how much cursing goes on in rehearsals until you are surrounded by 12 and 13 year olds who gasp when you say “crap”.

We made it through 1/3 of the show, which is pretty good. Six more rehearsals until show day!

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