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Week 2 has begun and I’m basically an Intellivision expert. My “Numbers” app is filled with inventory spreadsheets (people don’t use Google docs here…I don’t like it) of almost everything in the office, from the archive of all (most) of Intellivision’s games, their consoles, and other products. Today, I went through each individual game in the archive and saw which were missing overlays, manuals, and even the cartridges themselves in some instances. I really enjoyed this task because I found the artwork on the boxes very fascinating, and I flipped through some of the manuals for some gaming tips given the time.

I’ve also spent quite a good amount of my time inventorying Intellivision’s stock of shirts. Man, this reminds me of working in retail, and how much I hate/am not good at folding clothes. I was satisfied,¬†however, with the fact that I had consolidated the mess of shirts lying around the back of the office into 4 boxes. If only I could get my T-shirt drawer to look like that.

I haven’t really been able to begin to answer my original question I had for the project; I seem to be more of an office intern than an archivist at this point, yet I am perfectly content with my position, as I feel I’m getting practical experience in an office-like setting.

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    • My Mentor, Keith, was kind enough to give me a flashback unit, which has 60 of their old games on it. I’ve spent a good deal of time at home playing it; my favorites right now are “SHARK! SHARK!” and “Thunder Castle”. SHARK! SHARK! is exciting, straightforward, and rather difficult, while Thunder Castle requires more thinking, and is definitely difficult. It also has the coolest graphics/soundtrack in my opinion.

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