The Rest of My Week

The rest of my week pretty much consisted of the same couple of things. I observed some classes, met the rest of the students, and did inventory on costumes. At this point I am also done with inventory on costumes. That means that once I am finished I will move onto inventory of other things, if there is time.

Thursday afternoon started the first rehearsal (that I have been to) for High School Musical. During this rehearsal, the cast focus mostly on dances as they have already blocked scenes. I filmed a bunch of rehearsal for a video I am making for my mentor – Dr. Cameron. It was interesting being on the outside looking it — I could definitely tell which students really loved and cared about the production, and which students just kind of showed up because they thought it would be cool. For as young as they are, I could see some huge potential in a lot of those students, and overall it is a very talented group. This next week will all be rehearsals for HSM, and I can’t wait to see the show come together.

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