Birthday Party with Preschoolers


Man, little kids have so much energy after eating cupcakes. I know to never again give 25 preschoolers cupcakes because they bounce off the walls, literally!
So, today was one of my little preschoolers birthday and I assisted the children and adults with the set up, break down, and middle process. I walked in around 8 this morning to begin the setup process so all the little kids could have a great time, especially in the jumper. I tried to get the children to have a face painter unfortunately the guy got lost and decided not to show up. The theme of the party was ‘CARS’ the race car movie, so all the little boys was in love with the decorations. I didn’t leave till 3 p.m. because it was so much stuff that needed to be done. Plus, I was putting to sleep one baby on my chest while I was moving around. My day was me moving on my feet. Also, I had to change many stinky diapers today, wipe noses with tons of buggers. Good thing I didn’t get anything on my hands! 🙂

As previously stated, I cleaned up after the party because the kids had a mess everywhere. They had juice spilled on the ground, toys over the backyard, and sleeping babies inside the preschool. My mind was just going everywhere. When I was leaving all my little preschoolers gave me a hug, but one boy Chase was on time out since he pushed another boy to the ground. I had to give a Denise pep-talk because hitting other people is not acceptable. All in all, I learned that in my working style with little people they latch on to me when I have snacks or not getting them in trouble, but they fail to realize that I’m looking out for the best interest of them. I have to sometimes be hard on them for the reason that if I’m consecutively generous to them they won’t ever take me serious or always run over me.

Happy birthday Jaiden! (the boy at my preschool, well I think that’s his name)
One week down two more to go!! 2!!

32 thoughts on “Birthday Party with Preschoolers

  1. Deniseeeeeee! I am so glad you are having a great time and learning valuable life lessons while you are at it! Working with kids is hard, but it sounds like you have everything under control and you are enjoying interacting with the kids!
    Good luck with the little people!!!

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