Oh Ikea…

My beautiful handiwork

Working at Kate Lester Interiors (KLI), an interior design firm, naturally, furniture is a necessity. So, on Wednesday, I had the wonderful privilege of being free labor (a delightful privilege most interns are blessed with). I went to Ikea with Danielle (my co-worker) to buy furniture, and but furniture I mean navigate the maze that is Ikea and carry heavy boxes. When Danielle (my co-worker) and I got there, they only had one of the two pieces we were sent to find, making our trip kinda unsuccessful, but quick.

The next day, I found, had even more fun waiting for me. I was yet again privileged with being free labor, as I was to build the shelf plus an additional six drawers. Oh Ikea, you do not like to make it easy on people do you? I had put together the frame before realizing three pieces were on wrong and had to be taken apart, flipped, and then put back together. But, I did it. I prevailed against Ikea. I now know I am ready for college and adulthood and nothing can take me down. (Except for maybe the four more drawers I have to build tomorrow because I only got through two before the day was over.) So yes, applaud my success, but wish me luck because tomorrow has more in store.

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