Blast from the Past

Boy, would my project be nostalgic for someone growing up in the eighties. So far, I’ve been over at the Intellivision headquarters, filing, organizing, and grabbing lunch for the boss – typical intern stuff. My first day I cleaned out my mentors old mustang full of video game stuff from a recent convention, and yesterday I reorganized and set up a bunch of old consoles in the office, including an Atari 2600, a Coleco Vision, and an Intellivision of course. I’m excited to test the games in there to see if they are working, and my mentor was kind enough to let me bring home a “flashback” unit that has 60 games built in!

My next big project is going to be inventorying the storage unit. I’ve begun to set up a spreadsheet with the company Archivist with the stuff around the office and what we know is in the unit, yet a big obstacle currently in my way is that we don’t know where the unit’s key is. No big deal, there is plenty to get done around the office.

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