Seventh Graders Are Rough

Dear Ben, Nicky, Donovan, and Mason,

My favorite part of my first day at WNS was seeing the photos of you from your 8th grade production (see below). Judging by the photos, I am sure it was a brilliant show!

Skipping over the rest of my first day (because what can beat some 8th grade photos of your classmates?) came the first day meeting students, complete with a lovely group of very sassy and very loud 7th graders.

My day started out with a class of 8th graders (thank god), and if you have ever worked with middle schoolers you know the difference between a group of 7th graders and 8th graders is remarkable. Their current unit is monologues, so class consisted of getting into small groups to practice. As I was walking around the room observing them, I began to think about all the monologue work I did in Mr. Blaine’s classes, and wondered which students would do the same work in the coming years at Vistamar.

Next came the terror of 12 and 13 year olds. It was after lunch, which can alway be rowdy, but this was unreal. After Dr. Cameron corralled some stragglers, they began their moment of meditation, but not before Dr. Cameron repeated instructions upwards of five times. Before introducing me to her class, she asked if any of them were interested in knowing who I was. After a couple blank stares came too many “no”s — ouch. Did they hate me already or was this them trying to show off?

As class went on some of them warmed up to me, asking me questions about what shows I have been in. I could tell this was their attempt to size me up, but luckily my answers impressed them. After a few short conversations, I escaped back into my solace of organizing costumes. Seventh graders are rough.

4 thoughts on “Seventh Graders Are Rough

  1. Well, I WONDER if those rough 7th graders have resolved their socio-developmental conflict of industry versus inferiority and transitioning into the identity versus role confusion stage…7th grade is developmentally a rough year..change is tough on the body and mind. :/

  2. “luckily my answers impressed them” made me laugh haha hopefully that gives them a little respect for you! Good luck/have fun with the rest of your time there!

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