Day 1

Sandwiched between LACMA and the Auto Museum, the joke is on me as the clock strikes 8:45 and it turns out I did not get to spend the next 3 weeks sleeping in. I was instructed to go to the front desk and sign in, and quite honestly it feels nice to need clearance to get to where I need to be.

I meet with my mentor and the person I will be shadowing. This is nothing like I expected it to be. The office is much less like an office and more like a very nice condominium, almost distracting as I’m learning the lax expectations and guidelines at Growing Generations. Not even an hour in and I’ve already seen a pseudo-celebrity walk by.

I get to sit in on a video call with a potential egg donor and an in-person interview with another. A lot of information is sensitive, so I sign a confidentiality contract. I can already tell that this senior project will be nothing like I expected.

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