The Ol’ Switcheroo

I keep having to move desks because my mentor really likes to rearrange us for some reason. It’s fine though because I just have a laptop and some cords to move. I’m moving to another desk tomorrow too…

Anyways, I’ve been spending time working on this presentation for my mentor, which I will build off of for my Vistamar presentation. Other than that, I’ve been trying to completely wipe this old Sony computer but it’s honestly really screwed up and won’t let me wipe it so I have to delete 100+ programs by hand, LOL. Only 2 more days baby essssgettittt

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 5

May 30th, 2017

It’s the final days of my time at SBH Marketing, and I have learned so much throughout my time here. One of the most important goals of mine upon beginning my senior project was to make sure I explored the several different niches the marketing industry had to offer. I have been able to do just that, as I have gained some insight into both the research and informational aspect of the company, as well as the more creative side. I began yesterday gathering several images of successful ski products gaining a sense of what merchandise helps to represent a ski resort or ski city. Seeing the creativity that comes into the products was incredibly intriguing, further helping me develop my personal interests into the creative side of the marketing industry.

I also helped my mentor Dave prepare for the work he is completing this week, by gathering information about owners and those who license different trademarks and locations of the ski industry. Doing this was extremely important as well, and showed me the business and informational side that comes in the process of creation. Overall, I’m glad I have been able to touch on both experiences this week so far.

I have also been able to gain some insight into some of the products created by SBH Marketing as well. It is astounding to see some of the final creations, and I am glad that throughout the process of my senior project, I have been able to explore a variety of areas that helps in projects carried out by the company.

I have a couple more days left at SBH Marketing, and although sad my time is almost over, I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons I have learned throughout the last three weeks.

BuhByeForNow!                                                                                                                 Davis Hechmer

Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 5

As the internship is coming to an end, everything seems to be going slower for me. I’ve finished my first task for my project, however the remaining things that I need to do should not take long. I’ve been doing more research this week, however this research is more relaxed, and the purpose of it is simply so that I know what COULD be done for Chef’d. On the contrary, the first part of my project was me doing research that helped me create the store within Chef’d, so all that research was for me to learn how to do something.

Although I know this isn’t a good thing, I’m getting a lot more sidetracked than I was earlier in the internship. I find it a lot harder to focus. Possibly because the research I’m now doing isn’t as intense or entertaining, or possibly because my mind knows that the internship will be ending soon, and it is mentally shutting down. Just to clarify, I am still getting my work done… It just takes a little longer.

I ALSO MADE A FRIEND!! One downside though, I have not the slightest clue as to what his name is.. and i feel TERRIBLE. I met him the first day of my internship, we talked for like two minutes, but not until yesterday did we speak again. He’s such a cool dude; He’s traveled around the world, studied what I look to study  in college, and has had so many different and interesting jobs. I have so many questions for him, but I feel weird not knowing his name and just calling him “Man” and “Bro”.

Just two more days left, and I hope to accomplish a few more things by the time this ends:

  1. Figure out my friend’s name
  2. Complete my final project
  3. Stay focused

See you all next time,

Reese A

My Own Program?

Friday’s post:

On Friday, Kaela and I went to visit a charter school in Culver City who were interested in partnering with us. The man that we had been in contact with was super excited to have us come to and present in front of his coworkers, so we came in expecting the same type of attitude…. we were wrong. The principal and 7th and 8th grade teacher representatives were less than excited to see us and were very critical of ISA. Kaela and I were a bit nervous because we only had a 20 minute slot to talk to the 7th grade teacher rep and she was the one with the most importance to us (the application process for ISA takes up to a year!). On the drive back to the office, Kaela and I discussed how we thought the meeting went along with unpacking why this meeting made us feel so uncomfortable. We couldn’t help but notice that the people we met with were almost all white men making decisions for the majority Latino population in the school. Hopefully they prove us wrong and decide to partner with Alliance in order to give that population the oppportunity for an independent school education. The meeting was very, as Kaela put it, “gate-keeper”-y with the idea that they would decide whether or not parents would be able to handle the application process. When we got back, we had a team meeting and discussed how it went along with something else entirely. I proposed we start a program that would be like a process group  for students of color (not just ISA students). A process group is like a venting group for people and ours would focus on racial discrimination/racism in their schools. I am currently working on the project proposal and I’m extremely excited for this program!


I finished my project proposal because I realized time was running out and I didn’t want to call people anymore. I am still calling people to inform them about events that ISA is putting on this summer! I spent almost the entire day making phone calls and working on my project proposal. Kaela wasn’t here today so I couldn’t run it by her. Maybe I’ll do so on Wednesday.

Last Week

Because it was Memorial Day, neither of the guys came in to work on Monday, so obviously neither did I, which was nice because I usually work 9-5 every day and then get Fridays off, so I got a 4 day weekend. When I returned on Tuesday, I got straight to order fulfillment. I figured there would be a lot of unfulfilled orders in the system because it had been a long weekend, and I was very right. I spent a solid two and a half hours in the morning yesterday just fulfilling orders. Maybe that’s because it my first day back over a long weekend, and I felt a little slow and still tired, but every box definitely felt like it took a little longer than usual.

Luckily, when I finally packed up and stuck the shipping label on the last box, I re-entered the office in the middle of an interesting conversation. Brad was on the phone (on speakerphone) with a rep from an up and coming expansion team from the AIHL (the Australian Ice Hockey League). Obviously, hockey is not huge in Australia of all places, but the small league they have there (less than 10 teams) is trying to expand, and the man on the phone was one of the head front office members of the prospective expansion team the Sydney Wolf Pack. He had heard of the brand, and had been in communication with Brad about a possible partnership (basically sending them our player bags in exchange for a TBD cost and some extra publicity). It was interesting to listen in on the phone call and learn about one of the many ways Jason and Brad are using to help get the company out there and get the grand in front of more eyes. I wondered how much publicity an Australian hockey team could really get them, but I guess as a small business, any partnership is better than none at all.

Over lunch, we talked about another interesting facet of the business that I has thus far not known much about: retail. Because a lot of their customer base is in Canada, they recently established a new shipping center in Canada, which will make it easier and cheaper to ship to those customers, but now they were also considering selling in Canadian retail, but met a few problems. Essentially, their main seller, the Player Bag, goes for $199 USD, but despite the exchange ratio, Canadian retailers wouldn’t be willing to sell the bag for more than 200 CAD, which translates to only about $145 USD, and even this figure is decreasing as the exchange rate lowers. Adding on to that, as the nature of retail goes, the seller will only sell something they make profit on, generally around 50%, which means that Pacific Rink would be selling them bags for around $70 each. The kicker? Each bag costs more than $70 to make. Needless to say, this is their main problem when considering potential Canadian expansion, so it’s something they talk about a lot, and it’s always interesting to hear them talk business.

Looking forward to squeezing out every last drop of business knowledge I can from these last few days!


Tuesday May 30

Tuesday was different than my normal day in the office. I arrived early in the morning to the Sony lot because the CFO and some other high ups of the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division were doing a town hall type of speech in order to address the current state of the division. There has recently been a waive of layoffs in the division, leading to a low morale around the office. This was needed in order to address the current state of affairs of the division. Most people weren’t too receptive and it seems like it’ll take some time to get back on the good side of the office.

The rest of my day was spent working on a powerpoint presentation that I will be presenting to my mentor and his boss. I ran some numbers looking at the sales performances of different titles and I will be presenting my findings in a powerpoint. I’m definitely nervous for the presentation but I’m also glad that I can use part of it for my final presentation at school.

Comstock Day 11 – Meetings

The office was closed on Memorial Day which was nice, but Tuesday arrived with a fury. When I arrived at 9am, I was immediately ushered into this month’s Strategic Meeting. Once a month (on the last Tuesday it seems), the weekly staff meeting is replaced by the strategy meeting in which all of the major heads of the company (CEO, COO, Head of Sales, Head of Construction, Property Manager) get together to discuss the company strategy for the next month. With the company reforecast meetings looming in the distance,  ost of this meeting was focused on compiling data for the starts, sales, and closings for the year to date, and adjusting the predicted number of starts, sales, and closings accordingly. They’ll use this data to better guide the company reforecast meetings towards a reachable end-of-year goal. Honestly, this meeting (which lasted three hours) could very easily have been a shared spreadsheet in which everyone would input and review the data need from their departments on their own time. We did not need nine people in a room for three hours just to plug in some numbers. On the other hand, the next meeting was far more interesting.

Apparently, Comstock had recently faced a cyber-attack on one of the company’s bank accounts. It turns out that the hackers were able to access the account through a virus installed on an employee’s computer who had access to the company account information. So the next meeting, which began right after the strategy meeting, was a meeting with a cybersecurity firm, Reliable IT, to discuss how Comstock could upgrade their cybersecurity to protect from another attack like this. Though by the time it was over I had more than met my hours for the day, this meeting was definitely worth sitting in on.

Actual Vomit

Today was my first day in A4, a toddler room. I miss the little babies from A2. The kids here are older and easier to take care of, but they also smell and their parents drop them off even when they’re sick (two of them have fevers!). Baby vomit isn’t that bad, its just spit-up breast milk that comes back up because the babies’ tummies haven’t quite learned how to digest yet, but toddler vomit is a different story. It’s real vomit that only comes up when they’ve got a stomach bug. So it wasn’t fun to see that someone had yacked on the floor this morning. In A2, there was always classical music playing but in here, they only play this one CD of a woman whine-singing the alphabet, numbers in English and Spanish, the months, the days of the week, and many more things that may be good for toddlers to hear but are making me want to rip my ears out of my head. The kids in here are on a different nap schedule and fall asleep at 11:30 or 12 and wake up around 1:30 or 2 which is good because I do nothing for 2 hours, but also bad because I do nothing for 2 hours. I’m ready to graduate. 

Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon

Today, I shadowed Dr. Jacqueline Hanna, my friend Jasmine’s mom, at the Western Hand and Orthopedic Center in Downey. All of the patients had to sign a consent form, beforehand, that said it was okay for me to be in the room with them when being seen by Dr. Hanna. This morning, I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t get to eat breakfast but just went straight to the medical center. As soon as I got there, Dr. Hanna was like, “Alright, let’s go see our first patient!” I was so stoked!

The first patient I saw had a bandage over his hand when I first walked in, and he said that his hand and wrist were crushed at work when working with bottles of nitrogen. When Dr. Hanna took off the bandage, he had about 7 to 8 pins sticking out of his hands, kind of like the ones you use for sewing. I could not believe it, I felt the pain just by looking at his hand- it was CRAZY.

Then, we went on to the second patient, who had an amputated tip on his middle finger. There were about 3 other cases of amputated fingers today, but this guy’s finger looked more normal than the rest. The others that I saw today, did not have a nail and were missing more bone. It was kind of gross but I could handle it, and working on an empty stomach helped it. I saw these patients soaking their hands in peroxide, getting their bandages removed, and taking X-rays.

Before I was about to leave, I asked Dr. Hanna if I could take a picture of the rooms and tools the doctors use (without the patients inside because it’s a breach of their privacy), and she said “Of course! Let me see your phone.” The next thing I know, we had a full on photo shoot!! She took me into all of these different rooms, in and out the building, and took like 30 pictures of me. SHE IS SO CUTE, and we took pictures together. I had a blast with her today. She only works in Downey on Tuesdays so next week, I’m going to try to go down there, because she said I would be able to view a surgery.

Dr. Hanna’s office

Slick pic of Dr. Hanna

In one of the patient rooms!

Me in the therapy unit.

Dr. Hanna took this picture. I have one with her but it's on her phone because mine died seconds after this was taken! :(

Me outside of the facility.

Mentor Appreciation Time!

My mentor Edith is truly the perfect boss. She is sweet and supportive of me and doesn’t criticize me for my stupid questions, of which there are many! I realize that these past few weeks I have been the epitome of the clueless intern, but she has somehow managed to help me figure out how to get through my work without ever laughing at my idiocy.

Not only that, she wants me to take more breaks. She encourages me to take a longer lunch break and constantly checks in on me to see how I’m doing. She is always organized and helps me whenever I need it.

She is also funny.

During my first week at PPLA, I was very anxious to do a good job. I think Edith knew this and decided to make me feel more welcome. Later that week a shipment of cutouts came in. Each one depicted a racist and/or cheesy stereotype of a people who use Planned Parenthood’s services. Instead of being horrified that someone had approved this, she and some of my coworkers named the cutouts and decided that these were in fact not a waste of money because they could hide them in people’s desk chairs and offices and cubicles to scare them. This was probably my favorite day at the office as I got to watch my mentor goof off.

PPLA is an organization, but it’s also a family. I think I will miss the people most of all when I leave because this group of women, especially my mentor are truly incredible.