Last Day of Construction (Last Week)

Last week was the last time I worked with Ing. Vazquez at his construction site. The site has come a long way in the past week, especially after a lot of rain caused for a setback. The workers are now currently making cement to start building upwards and two tons of sand have been delivered to the site. The house it planned to be done by the end of the summer, but with the way the weather is looking it might take longer


Getting a little nauseous :P

Surprisingly, the only time I got nauseous in the ER was when this little boy came in with a dislocated elbow. I was fine one minute and the next minute I was sweating, dizzy, and felt like I was going to pass out. He came in because at the park he fell off one of the monkey bars and landed on his arm wrong. When he walked in he looked totally fine and in barely any pain. The doctors gave him some pain medicine and gave him something to put him to sleep so he would not remember what was about to happen. The sedation medicine was not working as the doctors thought it would. The little boy kept complaining of pain and was crying hysterically. As I learned later, some kids do not react to the sedation medicine as they are supposed to. Like this kids, some of them seem completely aware of what is going on but as soon as it is over, they do not remember just like the other kids. The doctors moved on and popped his elbow right back into place.

Final Day at F&P

So I ended my project with more moodboard/pinterest work. That’s fun because I got to move on to the ruffle dress sketches! New material yay 🙂 I did that for my morning and then finished my last day once again going through the entire website. This time I was given an excel sheet and I had to remove the dress names that were no longer available on the site. Because there are 600+ dresses on the site, I only got to get through around half! But it was still a nice assignment because I got to look at cute dresses I had never seen!

Beyond Scared Straight

Yesterday at 3pm, I went on a Jail Tour at 77th Station. When I entered the station, it looked like a regular Police Station, except to the right there was a door leading to the Jail Carcel. I entered that door, went down a lot of stairs, passed two doors, and stopped in a big room. In the front of the first door in the big room, it said “Authorized Personnel Only”. Next to this door, was a huge window of a holding cell with seat that said “Jail Carcel”. I waited outside the door for the Jail Watch to make a copy of my I.D. and from there he unlocked the door and I began the tour.


In my tour, the Detention Officer showed me a lot of areas and explained the process that the inmates go through. I also got to see inmates being brought in, some on drugs acting incoherently. I also got to see the inmates through a window from the housing area and they were glaring at me and making comments.


1st Floor: inmates are kept in a holding cell for 2/3 at the most and then are transported to the 2nd floor. Where all the fingerprinted, phone-calls, photos being taken, and visitations occur.

*In the cells men and women are separated on sides. (Both 1st floor and 2nd floor)

Intake area: Where they first bring the criminals in handcuffs to be seated.

Detox Cell (ex. below): A holding cell where they keep inmates who are under the influence and need to be observed a little more; the officers check in every 30 mins. In this cell, there are no beds because they might fall off, so there are only padded mats for them to lay on, on the floor.(Most of the time, many get naked because they are so effected by drugs)


*Most common cause of death of inmates is because they are under the influence.

Safety Cell: If inmates were thought to be too dangerous around others or to officers. It is like solitary confinement; a room with no windows, one door, a bathroom (like a gutter on the floor), and an intercom for them to speak with the officers.

Regular Cell (ex. below): A room windows, a water fountain, urinal/toilet, phone, intercom (to speak with officers), and a bed.


Medical dispensary: Medical help for the inmates. If they need medical attention due to health issues, drugs, being tasered, etc.

Booking area (Ex. below): Where inmates go after holding cell (2/3hrs.) to get fingerprinted, their photo taken, and information, etc.Jail-Booking-2009-2*Most dangerous part for the officers because when inmates exit the cell to get “booked” they aren’t in handcuffs and are in close contact with the officers. They can hit them or hurt them easily because there is usually only one officer there doing the booking. (As seen above)

Search Room: If inmates are suspected to have drugs/weapons they are taken to this room. The different searches are being patted down, stripped searched, a visual cavity search (just by looking). If suspect of objects in body, the officers need  a search warrant and it needs to be done by a medical professional.

Visitation Room (ex. below): There is a window; the inmate on one side and visitor is on the other.

*When I went, there was a cell behind this room, where the inmates sit. This cell was tinted because sometimes the inmates in that cell will display/put their sexual content , actions, on/from the window so the visitor can see. 


From this area, after this process is finished, the inmates grab a blanket and sheets and are transported to the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor: inmates are kept in housing cells, at the most 72 hours and from there are taken to the Criminal Justice System (Court).

Housing Cell (Ex. Below): The inmates are separated either on the top floor or the bottom floor. The top floor is for the inmates who are too hazardous because of drugs, race issues, gang issues, etc. and need to be separated. The bottom floor is for the general inmates. There are tables, water fountains, and a television they can watch.


There are typically four blocks: A, B, C, D (sections/rooms) and the numbers next to the letters are the room numbers. In between each block there is a door which the inmates can pass through and each door has like a letter box, where they distribute food, etc.

The inmates receive 3 meals a day. The officer told me that for some of the homeless people who are taken into custody here are better off here. They receive 3 meals a day, a blanket, a bed, can watch television, can make calls, etc.

There is still a lot to be talked/written about, but will be included in my presentation if you would like to know more. 🙂


On Thursday I was invited to go to my last job site in PV. I was excited but at the same time a little exhausted because I have been working more hours the past few days. Once we got to the house my mentor showed me the floor plans and some renderings of the house. This was going to be the biggest house in the neighborhood because it was going to take up two lots. Meaning that you can enter the house from two different streets. The house seemed nice and had a  nice view over the hill. The owner of the house was a little sassy and changed a lot of the design of the house because she didn’t like them. Which was a little weird because that was how she wanted her house to look like. Some of the construction workers also thought that I was her son because she was there when they gave the tour and was a latina. But tbh I didn’t like the lady at all. I think I never saw her smile once.


So my project is done. I’d like to say that I formed some amazing relationships or met some great people (although I am super grateful for the help my mentor gave me). I didn’t. I’d like to say that they asked me to come back and work for them. Nope. But I do think that this project was a very valuable experience for me. I learned a lot about the inner workings of Youtube that I definitely would not have known if I hadn’t done this project. I learned about how to use tags and key words to your advantage. I learned about managing and organizing time. Most importantly for me though is that this project gave me the opportunity to do something that I have thought about for a while. It gave me the opportunity to create a channel when I don’t know if I would have had the courage to do it on my own. I definitely was uncomfortable with this project in the beginning. Which I think is good because it got me out of my comfort zone and got me to put myself out there. So overall I am pretty glad I did this project. Is this the end of Youtube for me? Well, you will just have to subscribe and find out. Because if there is one more thing I learned from this project it’s this: When it comes to Youtube, there is no such thing as too much shameless self promotion.

The most boring day

On Tuesday I spent the day finalizing the back to school supply list. After that I spent the rest of the day updating the current fact sheets and then adding new information as well. This took a lot of time and I found out a lot of really cool, interesting, and sad information. I then left about a half hour early because I had finished everything that they had for me to do and I did not feel good. Turns out I had the flu so unfortunately my last day at my senior project was spent doing mundane things like updating fact sheets and making lists. I was really bummed to get sick because on Wednesday I was supposed to be attending CSEC meetings regarding some of the new clients which I find really interesting and you get to hear the back story on the cases. In the afternoon I was supposed to be attending a staffing meeting which is when the psychologist of the firm meets with people and they discuss some cases and the mental state of the client. I was really excited for this as well and very upset that I had to miss it. Thursday I was supposed to spend all day in CSEC court but unfortunately missed that as well due to the stupid stupid flu. Oh well at least I got to experience a lot of really interesting things during my first two weeks there!!

Saying Goodbye

Friday was bittersweet. I’m definitely excited to finish this chapter in my life, but I’m also going to miss those kids as well. I have grown such a close bond with so many of them throughout these past few weeks. I typically hate kids, but I actually, genuinely liked them. Weird. My favorite moment of the day was when the first and second graders gave me the biggest surprise ever (okay not really…I saw the present on Miss Leigh’s desk in the morning, but I had to act surprised for their sake). I was originally playing cards with the kindergarteners, but one of the first graders asked me to come into the other room with him. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by a welcoming sea of first and second graders, bearing a wrapped gift as well as a card with my name on it. Then, they started to sing “Happy Graduation” (basically they replaced the word “birthday” with the word “graduation) to me. I couldn’t believe it. I knew that they were giving me a gift, but I sincerely didn’t expect that the entire class would be there to say goodbye to me. Every single one of the students signed their name on the card, saying thanks for all of the things that I did. They also got me a Hanging Organizer for my dorm room next year. After that, all of the students gave me a group hug and I almost wanted to cry. They’re so incredibly sweet and I’m truly going to miss them. However, I did post a babysitting flyer in some of the classrooms at EDP so hopefully this won’t be the last time that I’ll ever see any of the students.


The Best Night with a Nurse Practitioner

On the last day of my work, I shadowed a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics named Dr. Klug. She was really sweet, relatable, and we got along so well. When we were talking, she did tell me how she regretted not going to medical school and says that she wishes she had gone to experience it. However, if she had not told me she was a nurse practitioner I would have assumed she was a doctor because Dr. Klug seemed to do all the same things that the other doctors do.

I did not want to work with her only because she worked late; she worked from 5 to 10 at night. I thought I would be too tired to work but I am so happy I was able to work with Dr. Klug. That night with Dr. Klug was the best experience that I had during the three weeks I worked. I saw the most pediatric cases I had seen in the ER. None of the cases were really extreme but I was thrilled to be able to see so many peds cases.

After these last three weeks, I know that I want a balance between the pediatric office and the ER because I enjoyed working with children but I also liked the excitement and fast paced environment of the ER. I was able to find that with Dr. Klug.

Last Days in Pediatric Offices

The last two days in Dr. Mansour and Dr. Flores’s offices were both fun and sad. At Dr. Mansour’s office, I saw a lot more sick cases. There were less normal check ups and more sicknesses. A lot of children are having strep so I was trying to keep my distance. She also was telling me about many cases of flu and viral infections so I was making sure I used hand sanitizer frequently. On my last day with Dr. Mansour I realized how much I was going to miss interacting with the children, playing with them and talking with the parents. I learned so much through her office.

At Dr. Flores’s office, it wasn’t too active. The whole day had only check ups because he had a lot of cancelations. However, I had a great talk with Dr. Flores when we had a long time to wait for patients and we went to go get ice cream. He was giving me advice about college and medical school. Because he had seen how much I enjoyed working with him, he reassured me that he could definitely see me becoming a doctor and having a successful future. I am thankful to both of these doctors for amazing experiences.