End of Project

The last couple of days of my senior project were definetely sad, but I was also happy I got to have this awesome experience and meet so many cool and interesting new people. The last few days also held some of the most ingesting experiences out of the three weeks. For one, I got to be a part of a live studio audience, which was as equally as hilarious as it was uncomfortable. The show was great and full of laughs but this guy they brought out to keep the audience pumped up kept bringing people from the audience up to dance or whatever which was really just weird. Like some girl came up and sang for five straight minutes and I could barely help myself from laughing because of how bad it was. Despite this, it was still an enjoyable experience as was the whole of my senior project. I can honestly say that I’m glad we were given three weeks to do something like this.

One thought on “End of Project

  1. Hey man, I’m glad to here you had good time and I agree, I’m glad we had three weeks to do something new and interesting.

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