Driving down to San Marcos

This past week Lic. Nuria, Ing. Vazquez, and I headed down to San Marcos, about a two hour drive, as there was some issues regarding two neighbors and a trespassing on private property. Turns out one of the neighbors wanted to build a fence around his home and property and in doing so he built a piece of his fence on his neighbors property. That’s where we came in. Ing.

Vazquez had measure the houses and see how the properties were, making sure to see how much of the fence was trespassing onto the private property. He showed me how he used his GPS device that he had that would tell him the satellites that were in space above the property, which he then used to help him find the information he needed.

We spent about an hour or so on the property while we talked to both neighbors, both believed they were in the right which made it difficult for Lic, Nuria. She would have to come back next week to see if she could settle the problem.

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