The End Has Unfortunately Come:((

Today was the last day of my three week long internship with Mr. Lazar and he talked to me about possibly staying over the summer. It’s not official, but I’m feeling good about my chances. We finished Ms. Knutson’s Project and we hope she really likes it. I also used part of today to ask Mr. Lazar his opinion on a lot of my ideas for my presentation. He seemed to agreed with what I had and also gave me a lot of extra metaphors for my presentation. Im extremely thankful I had these three weeks to intern with Mr. Lazar and I hope I can stay over the summer.

The Start of My Last Week :(

It’s the start of my last week and I have set a goal for myself this week. I have to ask at least 2 questions every hour until Friday, which doesn’t sound like much, but if you think about it two questions every hour five hours a day for five days, thats 50 questions. 50 questions equals 50 answers, which means I could learn 50 completely new things in one week. I think its a pretty good goal. Anyways, I had to go to the Manhattan Beach Building offices again except the time it took 3 hours to get a simple stamp… it got pretty irritating after a while. Tomorrow is the last time I’ll see Mr. Lazar’s engineer, so I’m gonna get some questions ready. Till Friday.

Ending My Second Week

Its officially time to end my second week with Mr. Lazar and its been another successful day. I got to do some hands on work today with Mr. Lazar’s right hand man, Vu, and he taught me a lot about the efficiency today. He also taught me how valuable it is to be efficient in this field. I like his saying “Efficiency is almost as important as your trade itself”. I also got a chance to do more work on Ms. Knutson’s going away gift. another great week!

Beginning My 2nd Week

Its officially been a week and a half and I’m still stoked to see whats in store for me. Today Mr. Lazar, his engineer, and I headed over to Amigos Tacos in Manhattan Beach and talked about different issues that had risen over the past few days regarding the structure of the home. It was pretty cool to see Mr. Lazar interact with his engineer in such an informal way, but still get so much done.

Final day at Wholly Cow Production

My last day at Wholly Cow Production was bitter sweet. Rick and I were preparing the cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment for Monday. I convinced Rick to get involved with the show I have been reviewing for the last 2 weeks. When he arrived(late as usual) he told me to get 3 camera bags out of the large wall closet they have in the hallway. He needed me to check them to see what cameras and microphones he had. We found everything we needed for the shoot, but I also found one of the tapes we were looking for last week! It was hilarious and incredibly frustrating somehow. I convinced Rick that they need someone to organize all their old tapes, so he offered me a job over the summer! I learned that sometimes you just need a little luck. After we tested all the equipment, Rick asked me if I would like to go with him on Monday to the reshoot. I was so excited and planned on going until today when I saw that the final essay is due Tuesday… I unfortunately had to cancel. I feel like that would have been a great learning experience, but I knew I needed to stay home and write my essay. The final lesson I learned was sometimes things won’t go your way, but you jus have to make the most out of what you got. I am going to continue my internship sometime this summer, and I am excited to get back to work!

Senior Project Finished

My senior project is now over and I had a lot of fun during my 3 weeks. I got to be an important part of the company with all the projects I did, and it was great how much they trusted me and how pleased they were with my work. Everyone there was super nice and I’m going to miss the friendly environment, but everything I learned during my time there will definitely be able to be put to good use in the future.

End of Project

The last couple of days of my senior project were definetely sad, but I was also happy I got to have this awesome experience and meet so many cool and interesting new people. The last few days also held some of the most ingesting experiences out of the three weeks. For one, I got to be a part of a live studio audience, which was as equally as hilarious as it was uncomfortable. The show was great and full of laughs but this guy they brought out to keep the audience pumped up kept bringing people from the audience up to dance or whatever which was really just weird. Like some girl came up and sang for five straight minutes and I could barely help myself from laughing because of how bad it was. Despite this, it was still an enjoyable experience as was the whole of my senior project. I can honestly say that I’m glad we were given three weeks to do something like this.

First half of week at Sony

As my time at Paramount came to a close, my time at Sony was just beginning. I went in expecting basically the same thing but was proven very wrong when I arrived. It was much more industrial and they were much stricter with their rules and regulation than the other studios. Because of this, I was confined to the live studio audience seating for a majority of my first week, which was still cool but I could only get so much information just from watching. I also was not allowed to take many pictures which was also kind of a bummer. The people were still very friendly and helpful though which was a relief. I did however get one picture, and anyone who watches the HBO show Silicon Valley may be able to appreciate it.

The Aviato Van from Silicon Valley

The Aviato Van from Silicon Valley


End of My First Week

These last few days have been pretty interesting. I got to go to lunch with Mr. Lazar and his engineer and also got to see how closely they work together to ensure every step they take is the smartest and most efficient step available. On Friday I also got started on a side project for Ms. Knutson. Overall, great first week!

Driving down to San Marcos

This past week Lic. Nuria, Ing. Vazquez, and I headed down to San Marcos, about a two hour drive, as there was some issues regarding two neighbors and a trespassing on private property. Turns out one of the neighbors wanted to build a fence around his home and property and in doing so he built a piece of his fence on his neighbors property. That’s where we came in. Ing.

Vazquez had measure the houses and see how the properties were, making sure to see how much of the fence was trespassing onto the private property. He showed me how he used his GPS device that he had that would tell him the satellites that were in space above the property, which he then used to help him find the information he needed.

We spent about an hour or so on the property while we talked to both neighbors, both believed they were in the right which made it difficult for Lic, Nuria. She would have to come back next week to see if she could settle the problem.