Week 2 (Part. 2) – “No Pressure”

I ended my week here at the office back on excel (surprise, surprise). After I escaped the pile of never ending dresses (which added up to 200!!) I got a break..thank the dress lord. Once the caffeine had entered my body I went back to work with Kevin. This next assignment he gave me was actually pretty fun! My job was to rewrite the titles and descriptions of the website that comes up when the company name is searched on google. I was given key words, and excel doc, and a limited amount of characters to work with. He gave me those, told me to try and be “cute-sy” because he cannot, and said “no pressure”. No pressure. Okay sure. Ha. I spent pretty much the rest of my time there┬ájust writing and rewriting descriptions so they would fit the requirements. This was probably the smallest but most hands on assignment I have had and it was really fun. I got to use my own creativity to figure out how to catch the potential customers attention.

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