The Beginning of my LAST Week

Hey everybody!  Today was a busy day at the office – a new intern named Houston (19, from Oregon) arrived and Gracie, Olivia, Luke, Evan, Gina, and Seth were all in the office at once!  Everyone is very excited that Seth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Thirst Project, is back in our West Los Angeles office (from Swaziland) to help out with our Gala.  Since Houston had some free time, he helped me work on the tedious spreadsheets that have compromised much of my time at this office.  As of today, I have now compiled over 1150 rows of information on middle school and high school students across America.  It is crazy how much work I have done on one excel sheet!

My sense of family/community has greatly developed over the course of my three weeks at the Thirst Project.  I love working alongside these young adults.  Today at Chipotle, four of my co-workers (Evan, Luke, Olivia, Houston) and I sat down and talked about the transition to adulthood.  As everyone in the group ranged in age from 18 to 25 years old, each person was going through some type of “transition” phase – ex: renting an apartment, finding a new roommate, or pursuing a higher degree of education.  It is nice to hear a myriad of honest thoughts, struggles, and accomplishments.  Although I am nervous about my future, I am human and I know I am capable.

I have definitely grown immensely over the course of a few weeks.  I am more aware of the networks that connect people, the actions required to run a successful organization, the lifestyles and backgrounds of different people, and the motivators that drive people to interact, donate, and volunteer at the Thirst Project.  I am learning the art of business in a genuine and caring atmosphere.  It has been an empowering and thrilling experience.  I don’t want to leave these social, fun, and bright people!


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