Finally Made a Sale

After making all those calls and sending all those e-mails, someone finally responded saying that they are interested in purchasing some fabulous Hint Mints. I expected more people to be interested in buying, but a lot of the stores, coffee shops, and gift shops that were listed either went out of business already or already have other products that they sell and didn’t need anymore. Luckily, when Hint Mint first did business with this woman, they made a good impression, so when I called her, she remembered the name and was eager to receive an e-mail with new information about our products. She simply responded saying that she wanted to place and order and asked how she should go about doing that, so I responded with some options for ordering and that was that. Starting your own business requires a lot of persistence and it’s nice to see it start to pay off.

Aside from trying to sell the mints, my mentor has also asked me to do some additional small projects on the side. I like having these projects to do when I take a break from making calls and spread sheets. For one of the mini projects, he has asked me to write a lot about me and my family, which I enjoy because I love to talk about my family! One of the prompts was to think of 10 things about my mom and dad’s parenting styles that I liked. This questions was pretty hard to answer because it required a lot more deep reflection than I thought, but I finally came up with some things that I really appreciated about my parents. I love that I’m learning multiple lessons during my senior project.

26 thoughts on “Finally Made a Sale

  1. Was this your first sale ever through the past two weeks?! Wow honestly this sounds so repetitive and tedious idk if i could’ve had the patience for it!

    • Ya! Apparently it’s super common because people don’t want to be bothered. It’s sooooooo repetitive, but it’s just part of the process sadly hahaha.

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