Airport on the Way? (From Last Week)

Today I worked with Lic. Jorge again as he was focusing in on the project of bringing a airport to Quetzaltenango. He told me we were going to be meeting with a  few other people that were also interested in getting the project started. We all met at a hotel and I watched closely as they talked over the budget and time frame for what could be the second largest airport in Guatemala.

In the total the airport would cost around Q. 14,000,000, which is about two million dollars and the time frame looks to be about a year and a half to get the entire airport finished. It will be able to fly two thousand four hundred kilometers, being able to land in cities like Miami, Guadalajara, Managua, and La Havana. It unfortunately will not be big enough to make direct flights to cities like L.A. but it is still a big step for the city.

What Lic. Jorge and the rest are afraid of is that Pres. Morales not taking the project seriously and just brushing it off much like past presidents have done when asked to make   changes for the country. If that does happen, their best hope for the airport would be to have a private inverse fund the project which is pretty unlikely to happen. Lic. Jorge will present the project personally to the President in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully everything goes well.

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