Right now I am working on an analysis that compares genre and box office and their impact on titles. I am also preparing a presentation for the team that I am going to make on my last day. My project is mostly analyzing excel spreadsheets. To do this I had to learn several different excel formulas. I didn’t know this before I started, but most jobs in the business world require extensive knowledge of excel. Almost everyone that I have talked to has recommended taking an excel class in college.

Some of the formulas I have learned are Iferror, vlookup, and Index/Matching. The IfErrorĀ formula tells excel that if the formula comes up with a certain number, then show this number instead, so it is easier to see errors. VLookup is like looking someone’s name up in a telephone book. It takes a value and finds the corresponding value in a different column. Index Match is a simpler VLookup. It consolidates the formula and requires less processing power.

One important thing that I took out of this is to learn excel. It is used in so many professions and could put you ahead of other prospects for a job if you are proficient in it.

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