Fixing things

Today Dr. Bishop received an understandable data file from her colleage!  Yay!  But, I haven’t looked at it yet because I’m still trying to program the program to graph it correctly.  It is much quicker to try out with the sample file (pretty much instantaneous compilation) where as the larger file might take up to 5 minutes (or longer!)

Regarding math: after at least 6 pages of distance formula, foiling, pythaging, and sohcahtoa-ing in attempt to find the latitude and longitude of points p1 and p2, (click), Dr. Bishop realized there was a much simpler way to solve the problem and it came straight out of a big book of math.


NOTE: If anyone plans on taking math at all in college, this book is supposed to be a lifesaver.  It literally has all the math. Ever.

Anyways, I was successfully able to program the calculations into my python code BUT there’s always a problem; the code that I’ve been writing just goes through a file line by line, and then reorganizes it based off of the UT time (universal time) taken.

There are 80 something “zones” in the sample file, sections when the data was taken. Some zones may start at the same UT time as others, or before, or after.  In order to graph the tangent points and long lat of p1 and p2, I need to graph the data IN EACH ZONE because reorganization would mess everything up. This is going to be a challenge to fix, I know, but hopefully it won’t take me long.

25 thoughts on “Fixing things

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