My first sales call

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had to start tackling a long list of numbers last Friday in attempt to sell some of these designer breath mints. One of the people I work with named George demonstrated a call for me before I was sent off on my own which made me feel more confident about the situation. I went back to my office, sat down in front of the telephone and realized that I had no idea how to work this phone. There were so many buttons on it and none of them were labeled except for the numbers. I was too embarrassed to say that I didn’t know how to work this Norstar landline phone so I just sat there, messing with the buttons until I heard the dial tone. Once I finally figured all that out, I made my first call. I said what George told me to say once someone picked up the phone, “Hi, My name is Sarah calling from Hint Mint. May I speak to your candy buyer please?” and the person I called just said, “No.” and hung up on me. This was a bit discouraging, but I moved on to the next number. I finally got through to the buyer and pitched our product to him. He liked what he heard and asked for me to send him an e-mail with more info about the mints. After I finally got through to someone, I realized that making these calls wouldn’t be as scary as I thought. Sure, some people are going to be rude, but it doesn’t really matter. This week, I have to get through this packet of phone numbers and hopefully make some more sales.

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