Keystone: Week 3 (Days 1-3)

Week 3 of my senior project got off to a good start as I was put to work with a couple people in the office on a package that would eventually be sent to the client. Although the work was not exactly labor-intensive, I was able to see all the work that is put in just for one package. This included figuring out the price of the property, the size, the location, and a bunch of other information. Even though I had only been there for a week, I was already questioning how someone could do this as a full-time job (although I am sure the people who work there do a variety of things compared to what I had to do). I was always commended for the work I was doing, which I suppose is what got me through a couple of these days. The people I was working with also helped by making conversation with me and keeping the mood very energetic.

A Typical Day at the West Classroom at PTN

The children start getting dropped off at 8:30 AM, and we feed them breakfast. By 9, everyone is there. After everyone is done with breakfast, at about 9, the kids have free time and the teachers take them to the bathroom and change their diapers until 10:20, where the kids have circle time. After circle time, both of the 2 year old classes go out to the play ground outside. At about 11:30, they are all cleaned up sitting down and eating lunch. And finally, after lunch they take a nap until 2, when their parents pick them up.

Keystone: Week 2 (Days 4-5)

After doing some work on Excel and learning a little bit about the company in my first couple of days, I was ready to learn more. On my fourth day, I was taken out on the field to explore some properties of potential clients. My mentor was quick to point out all the positives and negatives of the properties that he showed me. Also, he showed me the properties of current clients and explained why the company chose to provide a loan for that site. Once we returned to the office, I was again put to work on Excel, however, my mentor bought me lunch, which made the experience much better than before. Lastly, I became more comfortable with the people I was working with and quickly learned a lot from them, both about the company and about them. Overall, the first week at Keystone was a good experience where I learned a lot about a field that I had no idea about before.

Early Head Start

This week was very different than the first two, and not what I had expected. I was not really sure what I would be doing, but I thought I was probably going to be working with kids with special needs. When I got there I was actually assigned to work in a classroom with 2 year olds. There were 8 children in the class, but we one of the kids was sick all week, there was one teacher, one assistant teacher, and the pet Hampster, Pip. I was the only volunteer that week in the Early Head Start Program.

Keystone: Week 2 (Days 1-3)

After a week at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, I decided that I wanted to do something different for the last two weeks of my senior project. So, I began working at Keystone Mortgage. Keystone provides large loans to real estate properties. Before this, I had no idea about anything having to do with real estate, so I figured it would be a good idea to give it a go. My first day was spent doing typical intern tasks: filing papers, organizing files, and other small things around the office. After a somewhat boring first day, I was hoping for some more meaningful work to do in the days to follow. The next day, I was put to work on an Excel spreadsheet to update financial numbers of all the company’s clients. Although this was not much of a step up, I got a glimpse into what the company does as well as an explanation about what all the information meant.

Shadowing an Entrepreneur 4

Thursday I had Ceramics until 12 and so I didn’t get out to Agora Hills until 2.  I started learning about any faults in the dispenser that could arise and how to help the customer deal with them, or send a replacement if it is not repairable.  I am going to have to practice my pitch for getting people to place reorders for additional product and to make sure we don’t have any PR problems if a customer is getting angry.  I got home at 9.  Friday Jordan didn’t go into the office, he stayed home so I went over for 3 hours in the morning to help draft emails and listen in on some calls, not much work for me to do and I went to school at 1:30 to get my checkout signed and get my yearbook.

Last Day

For my last day, my time mostly consisted of creating 15- 20 posters to describe the featured food; labeling their prices and listing where they came from. This took up most of my time since I wanted to make each sign perfect :). The store was pretty slow, we did not get that many customers, but I helped at the cash register when they were ready to buy. I took the signs that I made and put them up around the store and replaced the old ones. When I was done with my posters, I had to organize all of the banners in the file cabinet, and cleaned the signs that were dirty. This took up most of the day, so when I was done, I polished and cleaned apples for people to eat. It was nice to be doing stuff other than bagging cherries.

Foley at Fox

This week I experienced the most fun day I have had the whole project. I got the opportunity to shadow as well as record Foley for several TV shows and movies. Foley is basically just recording sound effects, for example, animated films are made without any sound effects (like footsteps, hitting, basically anything that make noise) and these guys are in charge of making sure all those are there. It’s very interesting because often times people overlook this part because no in entices these sounds are there until they are missing. It was supper interesting because they have to get very creative with t=what they do. For example there was part of a show they were doing that involved a dog, and whenever the dog walked they needed to crated the sounds that a dog would make when walking (i.e. footsteps, dog colors, and even breathing) so to do so, they glued pistachio nuts onto a pair of gloves and scratched the floor and surprisingly it was exactly how a dog sounds. Stuff like that requires them to be supper creative and not only was there job really cool, they were also supper cool guys, there wasn’t a dull moment the entire time I was in the studio.

Shadowing an Entrepreneur 3

I was in Ohio Monday and Tuesday so I only exchanged one email with my mentor, and when I came back on Wednesday I had a full 12 hour day ahead of me.  I got to his house at 10:15 and we left for a meeting with some lawyers.  We spent two hours with them and I learned a tun of information about the legal side of companies.  I learned that the amount of money that you have to invest in a good lawyer is ridiculous so always try to settle out of court.  We request to trademark our logo and for them to do a trademark search to make sure we were not infringing on anyone’s rights.  I then spent the rest of the day in Angora Hills and I was offered a customer service job at the company which I accepted immediately. I sat in on some meetings between the CEO and CFO and took notes for Jordan.  I didn’t get to stop working until 11 after a dinner meeting.  The meetings that I get to sit in on are teaching me more about how to make a start-up run well and efficiently.

Dr B Came to the Studio!

On Wednesday, Dr. B came to check up on me at the studio! It was really fun seeing him and he got along really well with my boss Jenay. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see much action since we don’t have recording sessions during the day usually. Rap artists aren’t notorious for being early risers, either. Nonetheless, I got to show Dr. B the “Audacity” app and how to record the vinyl records, and gave him a mini tour of the studio space. He talked with Jenay about the industry, and how to spot talent. I also learned Dr. B is a big Kanye fan! Definitely a cool visit.