UCLA Brain Mapping/Neurology: The Last 2 Days :(

Oops! I realized that I did not click “publish” and this saved as a draft.

Here’s Friday’s post:

It feels weird that today’s the last day, because I’ve actually settled in and become part of a research study. While I hate not finishing what I’ve started, it will be nice going back to not having to endure traffic and paying for parking (I know I mention that a lot, but $12 a day definitely adds up and cuts into my burrito funding).

I have learned a lot here at the Brain Mapping Center– my slight “fear” of intricate software has become more of an intrigue, my neuroscience terminology has expanded, I have seen a transparent mouse brain and spinal chord, and I know what it’s like to analyze data for a research study. However, I’ve decided that the cubicle life is not for me. While I’m a decently patient person, the level of patience that 5 (more if I were to actually be employed here) hours of sitting and constantly moving figures around on a computer screen demands far more than what I can offer. Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful to have had the experience of working with peoples’ brains and to have this connection for the future.

The past two days have entailed more work on the study, and of course, goodbyes. I gave Marissa and Dr. Shattuck whimsical thank you notes along with a Starbucks card (they are always drinking coffee, so we bonded immediately). AND they gave me a thank you card and some bruin gear as a gift, which I showed utmost gratitude for.

The really awesome thing was that they invited me back in the future if I needed undergraduate/graduate work, so it’s incredible knowing I have these connections for the future.


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