Working with a New Intern!

A new intern started working during the end of my second week. I was really nervous at first, because I was worried we weren’t going to get along or it would be awkward. I started talking to her on our long car ride to the PDC (yet another trip there) and we actually have a lot in common! She plays volleyball at Brown, so we had a lot to talk about. She also gave me a bunch of tips for college, which was incredibly helpful. She made my job a lot better because I was able to finish boring work while chatting with her. She is also better than me at seeing what fabrics go together and what certain clients will like, so she gave me a few pointers on that as well. As we continued over to the third week, we split up different tasks and worked together on sketching out furniture and fireplace plans, searching for concept pictures, and researching materials for clients. Overall, I found my last week to be the best because I felt comfortable at that point and more confident with what I was doing.

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