End of Week 3

This weekend I got to shadow a meeting in which the client was flipping house and need to get the existing house drafted. This client was very laid back and had great ideas for making the existing house look better. Basically when some flips a house it means that they buy a house and then fix it and make it look prettier and then sell it for a higher price. So then while at the house I helped measure the dimensions of the house and sketch it out on paper. Once we got back to the office I got to see the drafts of a previous house that was also flipped and it was really cool to see the before and after drafts. This house used to be 2 beds and one bath but they remodeled it to be 4 beds and 3 baths. I then learned that a flip is always more difficult when you are adding more square feet to a house rather then just moving the rooms around an existing house because you need to get a lot more permits for adding square feet. And also when you add a room, depending on the city you may also need to provide another spot for a car on the property. So that means that you need to make a bigger garage and that will take more money.
This internship has really helped me a better understanding of the many aspects of architecture and how it compares to engineering. Drafting plays a really big role because it is the structure of the building process. I am excited to share what I have learned during my presentation.

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