Shadowing an Entrepreneur 3

I was in Ohio Monday and Tuesday so I only exchanged one email with my mentor, and when I came back on Wednesday I had a full 12 hour day ahead of me.  I got to his house at 10:15 and we left for a meeting with some lawyers.  We spent two hours with them and I learned a tun of information about the legal side of companies.  I learned that the amount of money that you have to invest in a good lawyer is ridiculous so always try to settle out of court.  We request to trademark our logo and for them to do a trademark search to make sure we were not infringing on anyone’s rights.  I then spent the rest of the day in Angora Hills and I was offered a customer service job at the company which I accepted immediately. I sat in on some meetings between the CEO and CFO and took notes for Jordan.  I didn’t get to stop working until 11 after a dinner meeting.  The meetings that I get to sit in on are teaching me more about how to make a start-up run well and efficiently.

39 thoughts on “Shadowing an Entrepreneur 3

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