Relationships in Interior Design

Over the course of my senior project, I found that my mentor Valerie makes her job so much easier by building relationships with people she works with, whether that be clients, workers, and even interns like me. Building people’s trust is key, so that way people are more willing to do favors for you or are more efficient because they want to maintain a good relationship with you. I also built relationships with people on the job site I was working on, and I earned the trust of a hard to please client, which helped a lot when it came to presenting ideas to them. On top of that, she has a wonderful personality that benefits her work because people enjoy working with her. On the job site, the construction workers strike up conversations with her, and offer to help her with things she needs. It’s much easier to work when you get along with the people rather than butting heads with them all of the time.

6 thoughts on “Relationships in Interior Design

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