My Last Day at BF+DA

The last day of my internship started off with quite a hectic morning. Since it was my last day I wanted to get something for the team I had been working with so I stopped into this place called Gorilla Coffee, which is a very popular coffee shop in Brooklyn. I grabbed some pastries and then headed over to the bagel shop next door to grab my lunch for that day. After about ten minutes of walking and almost reaching the subway I realized I left my bagel at the shop. Even though I had all my heavy luggage with me, I decided to go back and get my bagel adding another 15 minutes to the time I was supposed to leave. Then once I walked all the way back to the subway stop I ran in to my one of my supervisors who was getting on the same subway. When I saw her the train approach, we both hopped on. I was pretty sure that that it was the wrong train but I assumed she knew better than me since she lives in New York. Although when the next stop came and we realized we were going the wrong way, we got off as fast as we could and had a good laugh about it.

That day at work I finished up my project that I was working on. Later at lunch some of my co-workers (other interns from Pratt Institute) were talking about going to a cool place for lunch the next week and it made me sad to realize that I was leaving and wouldn’t be able to join them. I made so many great new friends and learned so many new things through this experience, and although it was sad that I had to leave, I am glad to be back in California.

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