Keystone: Week 3 (Days 1-3)

Week 3 of my senior project got off to a good start as I was put to work with a couple people in the office on a package that would eventually be sent to the client. Although the work was not exactly labor-intensive, I was able to see all the work that is put in just for one package. This included figuring out the price of the property, the size, the location, and a bunch of other information. Even though I had only been there for a week, I was already questioning how someone could do this as a full-time job (although I am sure the people who work there do a variety of things compared to what I had to do). I was always commended for the work I was doing, which I suppose is what got me through a couple of these days. The people I was working with also helped by making conversation with me and keeping the mood very energetic.

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