Keystone: Week 3 (Days 3-5)

As my time at Keystone came to an end, I was finally given the ultimate task. I had to put together a package for a client…all by myself, well almost. I spent the entire day finding the information I needed and entering it into the company’s template. Once I finished with that, I had to re-check my work and then add visuals to make my work appealing. On Friday, I went in to add the finishing touches before telling my mentor I was finished so he could look it over. He made some slight changes before saving it so he could send it to the client later on. I was happy with what I had done because it felt as though I had actually contributed something meaningful. After I was finished, the office took me out to lunch to celebrate my last day. I was lucky to work with people who went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and I enjoyed my (short) time at Keystone.

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