Keystone: Week 2 (Days 4-5)

After doing some work on Excel and learning a little bit about the company in my first couple of days, I was ready to learn more. On my fourth day, I was taken out on the field to explore some properties of potential clients. My mentor was quick to point out all the positives and negatives of the properties that he showed me. Also, he showed me the properties of current clients and explained why the company chose to provide a loan for that site. Once we returned to the office, I was again put to work on Excel, however, my mentor bought me lunch, which made the experience much better than before. Lastly, I became more comfortable with the people I was working with and quickly learned a lot from them, both about the company and about them. Overall, the first week at Keystone was a good experience where I learned a lot about a field that I had no idea about before.

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