Foley at Fox

This week I experienced the most fun day I have had the whole project. I got the opportunity to shadow as well as record Foley for several TV shows and movies. Foley is basically just recording sound effects, for example, animated films are made without any sound effects (like footsteps, hitting, basically anything that make noise) and these guys are in charge of making sure all those are there. It’s very interesting because often times people overlook this part because no in entices these sounds are there until they are missing. It was supper interesting because they have to get very creative with t=what they do. For example there was part of a show they were doing that involved a dog, and whenever the dog walked they needed to crated the sounds that a dog would make when walking (i.e. footsteps, dog colors, and even breathing) so to do so, they glued pistachio nuts onto a pair of gloves and scratched the floor and surprisingly it was exactly how a dog sounds. Stuff like that requires them to be supper creative and not only was there job really cool, they were also supper cool guys, there wasn’t a dull moment the entire time I was in the studio.

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  1. That job sounds fun as all heck Mike, I’d be down to work in a sound effect studio. You’ve done some seriously cool stuff throughout the project, especially the BMS editing. Probably made some good connects too. Glad it’s a good time man!

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