Blogging has been really tough since I barely have had any access to internet and wifi; so I will be going over the last few weeks in the form of a very long blog post using the notes that I have gathered.

Week 1: I talked about my stay at the Organic farm in Carpenteria and how it failed to address my mission for the Senior Project. Shortly after, I started working at GROW, a local produce and was introduced to all of the staff. My first two days working there consisted of learning about the duties that everyone holds in the shop. I was introduced to the concept of ABC which means always bagging cherries. At Grow, the spring/summer months are the busiest times of the year and it is all because of the cherries. The cherries are what started Grow as a business; my mentor, Kathy’s husband is a cherry manufacture and distributer. He helps hand select the best possible fruit for the customers. Since there was such a high demand for cherries, it was decided that high quality fruits and vegetables was going to become a business. Many customers come in seasonally, but since the cherries are so delicious, it has helped the spread the word of  Grow.  So for the first few days I manned the front of the store, working at the register, and bagging cherries.



Week 2: Grandview Elementary school’s 3rd grade class was to have a field trip at Grow for each day of the week. I helped set up the process and assisted my mentor while she showed the kids around the market and talked about the importance of eating local. The kids seemed to enjoy the field trip for they got to try a bunch of yummy fruit and walk into the freezer. Each day was a surprise because it was spirit week at Grandview; the first day, it was pajama day, then it was “who is your favorite musician” day. The field trips took up most of my time. When there wasn’t a field trip, I helped organize and label the wine selection, clean vegetables/fruit, create banners for food, distributing the food, working with deliveries,  and working at the cash register. I learned many interesting facts from my co-workers, such as that, if organic food touches conventional food it becomes contaminated and thus becomes conventional. Therefore, organic foods can never touch conventional foods while in the market. I also learned that in this business, the details regarding where your food comes from is the top priority. Grow runs their business on the trust that they will bring both sustainable and organic foods to the city.


More to come 🙂

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