The Production Office

I had been doing a lot of on set stuff so I decided to check out the production offices where the accounting, production, location, special effects, stunts and much more takes place. I was put to work and decided I will never ever be an accountant. I basically put papers in alphabetical and numerical order for 3 hours and it was SOOOOOOO boring. I got pizza though. I also date stamped paper too. I really enjoyed touring the special effects room. They are some of the most detailed people ever. Everyday they get sent the footage from that day and start making it look like a movie. They are one of the groups that is on the movie the longest.

4 thoughts on “The Production Office

  1. Feel that, I’ve tried to do post production on a few amateur films and man it’s a grind! Sounds like they had you doing a solid mix of custodial work and actually teaching you about film so you’re getting the perfect real world/fun senior project mix. Still jealous you met RDJ.

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