Getting my Stuff Posted

During my internship, I’ve been writing multiple blogs for the Five Acres’ tumblr. I’ve written about seven so far, as this has only been a part of what my internship includes. However, as it remains a continuous part, I figure it’s best to show one of the shorter ones on this blog. Makes it kinda nice to have a blog within a blog, so that other blog poster and blog readers may read my blog which is actually being posted on tumblr, even though I am posting it on the blog here. Felt like writing a run on.
Each day, as I arrive to the office, I take a short stroll to the actual workplace. Hardly even a block’s distance. However, what I observe on this walk is something that will always remind me of Five Acres. I will forever be in remembrance of my first steps up to Five Acres. I walked along the street for a short bit before reaching the building, houses on either side of the road, until I saw a larger structure, with lush plant-life surrounding the path to its entrance. The building was larger than the houses in the area, but it still fit in. It truly has the feeling of belonging there, much like how a body cannot move without a heart, this helps pump even more flow through the streets. The picture of Five Acres in the community it assists, and the way it stays so harmonious with the area around it will always be a memory running through my head. The main building looks much like a school, welcoming, and peaceful. The reason I bring this up is because in the way I perceive it, Five Acres is a part of the community, not an outside service working to help out, but rather a piece of the community, a part which knows the land like no other.
As I stroll up to the building, I see people walking towards it, co workers, parents, and the kids who attend. It’s in the late morning, so I hear kids at play, the gentle rumble of distant cars, and the sounds of the nature around me. Simply by being there, it’s as though Five Acres’ building brings along a resounding peace to the area.The way Five Acres is so in sync with the community it is working so hard to help allows both the community and itself an extreme chance to improve in many aspects. Since Five Acres is right in the thick of the community, they can help the people directly, there is no middle man, no bridge to cross, just need and help. This helps both to such an extent on its own, giving each far more opportunities than any other option could offer. The harmony between the two eases any tension there might be with a different circumstance. It is the difference between asking a family member to help in the kitchen, and asking a pure stranger. The service provided is one that is familiar, and welcomed in the community. Safety of children will always be a care, no matter the person. Kids are the next generation, and they need the best care we can offer.

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