Gee Gee week 2, part 2

Hello all!

So this week was very exciting in the store! My mentor is working on the gold room, and the door between her current shop and the new room has finally been created! Not much else to report on for the first part of the week-we had some vendors come in on Wednesday to show us the Horze Equestrian products, but nothing really stood out to us. Thursday was a quiet day, except for the afternoon. Since the PV equestrian community is very small, its important that my mentor stay close with everyone and not get involved in drama. But, that is a little tricky for a lot of people, me included-especially since there are a lot of people that have left my barn due to some drama that they created!

But I will post again once I get home tonight-this weekend has been a crazy one! I am currently about to leave my hotel room at 6:30 to make it to the show on time! Yesterday was a great day for my horse-he was very excited to win blue ribbons in both classes we were in! My photo project for my mentor is going awesome and I can not wait to finish up the editing and share them with all of you!

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