Friday at Lippincott

At Lippincott, they have something called “Summer Fridays”. The employees can either come to work late or leave work early every Friday from May-September. I wish we had Summer Fridays at Vistamar. Anyways, the office felt really empty on Friday because not everyone was there at the same time.

I got to the office around 9 o’clock and spent the first hour of my day finishing up the PowerPoint I’ve been working on about Bank of America’s competitors. I submitted the PowerPoint to my mentor and she said it looked good, which was a relief. Next, I spent hours searching on Google for articles about how specialized stores are becoming more popular. My mentor gave the examples of The Melt Shop, a store that only sells grilled cheese, and Drybar because it only offers blowouts and doesn’t offer haircuts or hair coloring. She was curious to see if I could find any statistics that explained this trend or supported the idea that these kind of stores were indeed becoming more popular. My mentor told me to search “best of breed consumption”, but most of the articles that came up had to do with different breeds of dogs. I spent a long time looking for articles about specialized stores becoming more popular, but was very unsuccessful. It was kind of frustrating so I took a break for lunch. I found an amazing cafe just a few blocks from my office (definitely the highlight of my day). The last thing I did on Friday was listen in on a conference call that my mentor and about five other Lippincott employees were having with a client. The client was very uncooperative and the call took almost two hours and was very exhausting for everyone involved.

Hope everyone had a great week 2! Attached is a picture of the view from my office.


3 thoughts on “Friday at Lippincott

  1. Shout out to Lily Zino’s power point skills! Bonus that you got to look at pictures of dogs. What do you think about specialized stores? I for one love the Grilled Cheese Truck which specializes in (surprise) grilled cheese. Miss you and hope that you’re having fun in the Big Apple!

  2. Wow your mentor seems to have a lot of work for you! I’m glad you are doing well in NYC. I guess sence you made it there, you can make it anywhere? I hope that the client got what they wanted and I hope you are having fun!

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