amg week 2 part 1

so during the first half of week two, the owner of AMG, Dr. Nielson came in. On tuesday when he was not there, it was pretty quit, because all the clients scheduled to for the next two days when he was in. The vet tech’s and I went around the hospital and cleaned all the computers and windows, and basically made it shine. The next day when he came in, it was really busy. There was way more people coming in then previous days and there were double the teeth cleanings. I learned a lot from him and at first everyone kept saying how scary he was, but in actuality he was really funny and nice. During lunch, one of the vet techs decided to eat 9 enchiladas and 2 tacos to try to break a previous record. The next day was not as packed and we had a really fluffy german shepard mix come in. I helped do his anesthesia report. After he had his teeth cleaned, I had to help lift him back into a cage, and after I put him down, I had so much hair all over me. Later that day, I had to help one of the vet tech with one of the dogs TJ. We took him out, but since his back legs are weak from having seizures we had to help him use the restroom. When he found stability, he walk straight over to the cat food, which was like 300 ft away.

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  1. 9 enchiladas and 2 tacos sounds like way more food than would ever be necessary, but impressive that someone could eat that much in one sitting! Your project sounds like it is really engaging and cool. It must be awesome to see how great some of the animals recover. Hope you’re enjoying your project!

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