7000 Spheres week 2

Okay, as much I have been loving this project there are some problems that come along with so much public interaction. Now, social situations are not my strong suit and with this project I really have to be an ambassador for the organization. This requires talking to lots and lots of strangers every day which takes a lot of energy for me. So far, the kids are really good at following directions and listening to me, the adults on the otherhand are a nuisance. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are completely lovely people but every once in a while there is someone who is just terrible. There have only been a couple but I really don’t understand why some people feel so entitled to there mistakes (only they don’t believe they are making mistakes.) I had one lady in here who after I told her to color block the sphere she said she would and then proceed to not do it. When I told her again to do it she marked one spot (of the 18 panels) just to make me go away (which, granted, I did go away but just because I was so done with her.) Another family was not following directions and painting on the wrong side of the ball, when I asked them politely not to do it in the future, they responded with “the other side was painted by a boy with autism, he’s not going to last long here.” and a rude comment after I left that Leighton heard. Thats not even what I was talking about, obviously this family does not understand the meaning of this organization! Portraits of hope was made for empowering kids with disabilities and hardships, this was a upper middle class white family with five adults and a two year old! Okay, sorry, I’ve gotten off track… Overall it’s gone pretty well but sometimes people can be really hard to deal with.

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