Sweater Weather

Foggy. For the first time since I’ve been in St. Croix, the weather is dismal. Instead of nice, sunny breezes, it’s hot, stuffy and grey. It’s like trying to put on a sweater and not being able to find the arm or head holes and tangling your limbs and sweating and panicking that you will be trapped in this cotton prison forever.

Today is a research day, which normally I enjoy, but unfortunately my motivation is in the same slump as the weather. The ever tempting Facebook sits just a Command+T away. My project really relies on self motivation and self focus since I work independently. This is probably what I’ve been struggling with the most since I’m used to someone checking up on me every few hours which jump-starts me back into productive action. I’m working alone in the Great House since the TNC (the Nature Conservancy) employees are out on a turtle rescue mission and my mentor is very busy with planning a trip to Guam to advise the governor with environmental actions. This project has proved very helpful for me to learn ways to motivate myself, problem solve independently without constantly asking “is this okay?”, and create my own projects.

In the meantime, please enjoy this selfie of me and my true love (and subject of my project): Elkhorn Coral

snorkels are the new fad of 2015

me and the bae <3

5 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. You are doing fabulous, Isa! Your posts keep me going because I get to see something that I haven’t seen in a while: a beautiful ocean! It’s constantly hot and stuffy in Asheville, NC, so I know how you’re feeling. I always look outside and think “wow, I should really be outside, it’s so nice and sunny out!” and then I walk outside and remember it feels like the Sahara Desert mixed with a rainforest.
    I am planning on living through you for the next week so I can feel the ocean breeze and the cooling water around me. Please post pictures of any fish you see from Nemo, and let them know that I would like to be friends. Hope you and your bae are doing well 🙂
    Stay strong and if you need someone to constantly nag you to keep working, let me know 😉

    • Hi Maeve! Thanks for the encouragement girl! <3 glad to know my feelings are shared haha. I will gladly be posting tons more pictures so don't you worry! Marlin says hello 😉 miss you chica!

  2. Wow that’s so cool you get to create your own project! I definitely need to learn those skills on self-motivation. Sounds like an amazing experience and I can’t wait to hear more about it! How much progress have you made on your research? I’d love to hear how it all works and how you get your data.

    • Yeah I’m still learning those skills too haha. I will definitely post on how I collect data soon! (Hint: underwater paper is involved! whaaaat). I’ve made some progress but it’s super difficult to arrange all the data and find which coral is which. I still have a lot left to do! miss you, girl!

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