The Production Office

I had been doing a lot of on set stuff so I decided to check out the production offices where the accounting, production, location, special effects, stunts and much more takes place. I was put to work and decided I will never ever be an accountant. I basically put papers in alphabetical and numerical order for 3 hours and it was SOOOOOOO boring. I got pizza though. I also date stamped paper too. I really enjoyed touring the special effects room. They are some of the most detailed people ever. Everyday they get sent the footage from that day and start making it look like a movie. They are one of the groups that is on the movie the longest.

Getting my Stuff Posted

During my internship, I’ve been writing multiple blogs for the Five Acres’ tumblr. I’ve written about seven so far, as this has only been a part of what my internship includes. However, as it remains a continuous part, I figure it’s best to show one of the shorter ones on this blog. Makes it kinda nice to have a blog within a blog, so that other blog poster and blog readers may read my blog which is actually being posted on tumblr, even though I am posting it on the blog here. Felt like writing a run on.
Each day, as I arrive to the office, I take a short stroll to the actual workplace. Hardly even a block’s distance. However, what I observe on this walk is something that will always remind me of Five Acres. I will forever be in remembrance of my first steps up to Five Acres. I walked along the street for a short bit before reaching the building, houses on either side of the road, until I saw a larger structure, with lush plant-life surrounding the path to its entrance. The building was larger than the houses in the area, but it still fit in. It truly has the feeling of belonging there, much like how a body cannot move without a heart, this helps pump even more flow through the streets. The picture of Five Acres in the community it assists, and the way it stays so harmonious with the area around it will always be a memory running through my head. The main building looks much like a school, welcoming, and peaceful. The reason I bring this up is because in the way I perceive it, Five Acres is a part of the community, not an outside service working to help out, but rather a piece of the community, a part which knows the land like no other.
As I stroll up to the building, I see people walking towards it, co workers, parents, and the kids who attend. It’s in the late morning, so I hear kids at play, the gentle rumble of distant cars, and the sounds of the nature around me. Simply by being there, it’s as though Five Acres’ building brings along a resounding peace to the area.The way Five Acres is so in sync with the community it is working so hard to help allows both the community and itself an extreme chance to improve in many aspects. Since Five Acres is right in the thick of the community, they can help the people directly, there is no middle man, no bridge to cross, just need and help. This helps both to such an extent on its own, giving each far more opportunities than any other option could offer. The harmony between the two eases any tension there might be with a different circumstance. It is the difference between asking a family member to help in the kitchen, and asking a pure stranger. The service provided is one that is familiar, and welcomed in the community. Safety of children will always be a care, no matter the person. Kids are the next generation, and they need the best care we can offer.

amg week 2 part 1

so during the first half of week two, the owner of AMG, Dr. Nielson came in. On tuesday when he was not there, it was pretty quit, because all the clients scheduled to for the next two days when he was in. The vet tech’s and I went around the hospital and cleaned all the computers and windows, and basically made it shine. The next day when he came in, it was really busy. There was way more people coming in then previous days and there were double the teeth cleanings. I learned a lot from him and at first everyone kept saying how scary he was, but in actuality he was really funny and nice. During lunch, one of the vet techs decided to eat 9 enchiladas and 2 tacos to try to break a previous record. The next day was not as packed and we had a really fluffy german shepard mix come in. I helped do his anesthesia report. After he had his teeth cleaned, I had to help lift him back into a cage, and after I put him down, I had so much hair all over me. Later that day, I had to help one of the vet tech with one of the dogs TJ. We took him out, but since his back legs are weak from having seizures we had to help him use the restroom. When he found stability, he walk straight over to the cat food, which was like 300 ft away.

Friday at Lippincott

At Lippincott, they have something called “Summer Fridays”. The employees can either come to work late or leave work early every Friday from May-September. I wish we had Summer Fridays at Vistamar. Anyways, the office felt really empty on Friday because not everyone was there at the same time.

I got to the office around 9 o’clock and spent the first hour of my day finishing up the PowerPoint I’ve been working on about Bank of America’s competitors. I submitted the PowerPoint to my mentor and she said it looked good, which was a relief. Next, I spent hours searching on Google for articles about how specialized stores are becoming more popular. My mentor gave the examples of The Melt Shop, a store that only sells grilled cheese, and Drybar because it only offers blowouts and doesn’t offer haircuts or hair coloring. She was curious to see if I could find any statistics that explained this trend or supported the idea that these kind of stores were indeed becoming more popular. My mentor told me to search “best of breed consumption”, but most of the articles that came up had to do with different breeds of dogs. I spent a long time looking for articles about specialized stores becoming more popular, but was very unsuccessful. It was kind of frustrating so I took a break for lunch. I found an amazing cafe just a few blocks from my office (definitely the highlight of my day). The last thing I did on Friday was listen in on a conference call that my mentor and about five other Lippincott employees were having with a client. The client was very uncooperative and the call took almost two hours and was very exhausting for everyone involved.

Hope everyone had a great week 2! Attached is a picture of the view from my office.


Gee Gee week 2, part 2

Hello all!

So this week was very exciting in the store! My mentor is working on the gold room, and the door between her current shop and the new room has finally been created! Not much else to report on for the first part of the week-we had some vendors come in on Wednesday to show us the Horze Equestrian products, but nothing really stood out to us. Thursday was a quiet day, except for the afternoon. Since the PV equestrian community is very small, its important that my mentor stay close with everyone and not get involved in drama. But, that is a little tricky for a lot of people, me included-especially since there are a lot of people that have left my barn due to some drama that they created!

But I will post again once I get home tonight-this weekend has been a crazy one! I am currently about to leave my hotel room at 6:30 to make it to the show on time! Yesterday was a great day for my horse-he was very excited to win blue ribbons in both classes we were in! My photo project for my mentor is going awesome and I can not wait to finish up the editing and share them with all of you!

7000 Spheres week 2

Okay, as much I have been loving this project there are some problems that come along with so much public interaction. Now, social situations are not my strong suit and with this project I really have to be an ambassador for the organization. This requires talking to lots and lots of strangers every day which takes a lot of energy for me. So far, the kids are really good at following directions and listening to me, the adults on the otherhand are a nuisance. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are completely lovely people but every once in a while there is someone who is just terrible. There have only been a couple but I really don’t understand why some people feel so entitled to there mistakes (only they don’t believe they are making mistakes.) I had one lady in here who after I told her to color block the sphere she said she would and then proceed to not do it. When I told her again to do it she marked one spot (of the 18 panels) just to make me go away (which, granted, I did go away but just because I was so done with her.) Another family was not following directions and painting on the wrong side of the ball, when I asked them politely not to do it in the future, they responded with “the other side was painted by a boy with autism, he’s not going to last long here.” and a rude comment after I left that Leighton heard. Thats not even what I was talking about, obviously this family does not understand the meaning of this organization! Portraits of hope was made for empowering kids with disabilities and hardships, this was a upper middle class white family with five adults and a two year old! Okay, sorry, I’ve gotten off track… Overall it’s gone pretty well but sometimes people can be really hard to deal with.

Free Lessons..?

While there can be times where my co-workers and I are very busy, there are also times where we have time to relax.  During this time, work on the “yellow sheet”.  The yellow sheet has all the day’ projects that need to be completed by the end of the day.  It varies from day to day, but charging the rentals, charging the rental flakes, cleaning and tuning instruments, and feeding the fish are always on the to-do list.  But when that’s done, my co-workers jam on the guitar and what not.  Most songs are familiar and that makes me curious.  So I usually end up asking how to play it, and then they willing show the ropes.  It’s like getting a free guitar lesson, but just not that in depth.  It’s still pretty cool!

Avoiding a Void

Most retail businesses have times when they receive bursts of customers.  That being said, with all of these customers waiting in line, asking for help, or just standing around, it can get pretty hectic.  At Dietz Bros, this happens quite often.  Unfortunately this can happen at anytime.  This happened when I was doing the rentals (I explained these earlier) and I made a. Is take at the cash register and ended up having to void a transaction I had previously processed.  There’s nothing wrong with this, but it makes everything more stressful.  So just avoid voiding.

CAD pros drafting

My senior project has been going well so far. I’ve been learning a lot about architecture and drafting. Recently I’ve been learning CAD and it is really interesting. CAD stands for computer aid design, and is used by architects, engineers and artist to create teachnical design. In the office, I am learning CAD so that I can be able to create architectural designs and draft houses. I’ve learned the basics and now I’m going more into learning the shortcuts and commands so that I can draft much faster. I’ve seen how drafting was done back then and I am glad that something like CAD was invented because it just makes everything ore efficient. Back then everything was done by paper and pencil and the there was no room for mistakes. Now CAD makes everything easier and if mistakes are made or if you simply want to make a change you can do it without a problem.

Tyche Consulting

These last couple of have days involve arguably the most work I’ll have to do during my stay here in London. We had another conference call to check in and the game seems to running a bit behind schedule. I learned about the big rollers in the facebook casino industry and about the absurd amount of money some of these games pull in. One of the people I met is selling his facebook casino game to some other big company for around 15-20 million dollars. My mentor Tom put in his notice to work so my offices have been moved to my bedroom which is really convenient because I can eat and knock out a reports more efficiently. I have learned about the process of quitting and it is very tough. Tom has gotten a higher position at a company called Scientific gaming. Maybe of his Tyche employees were pretty upset about Tom’s decision, but I can’t complain because I can wake up much later in the day. I also learned about AD Hoc. AD Hoc is code word for getting work on time. Basically the goal is to look at all problems at the beginning of the day and try to get as many of them handled each day. AD Hoc is what were currently doing with the game because we are on a short deadline and this is the best approach at releasing the game on time. Addressing the most important issues is the way this system works and will make the game viable the quickest. (Ad hoc is a word that originally comes from Latin and means “for this” or “for this situation.” In current American English it is used to describe something that has been formed or used for a special and immediate purpose, without previous planning.)